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En MoreraBike somos especialistas en lo que es un auténtico fenómeno en el mundo del ciclismo, una auténtica revolución, que son las e-bikes o bicicletas eléctricas. Estas bicis han sido en los últimos 5 años el segmento que más ha crecido en el mercado multiplicándose las ventas año tras año y después de probar una bici electrica en MoreraBike vais a entender el porqué de esta revolución en el mundo del ciclismo de diversion.


Las bicicletas eléctricas han nacido rodeadas de una cierta polémica, la mayor parte de las veces fruto del desconocimiento, de los prejuicios para mucha gente.

Algunos dicen que las bicicletas eléctricas, las ebikes, no se merecen ser llamadas una bicicleta porque dicen que son algo parecido a las motos y si algo no es una e bike es una moto. Para empezar no vais a encontrar un puño con el que acelerar, Las bicis eléctricas funcionan solo cuando vosotros pedaleáis, es una asistencia al pedaleo y tampoco os penséis que por tener una e-bike vais a conquistar apoyando los pies con un pedaleo hasta la cima de la montaña, no, con las bicis electricas hay que hacer ejercicio, en algunos casos mucho ejercicio.

alquiler ebike suspension delantera
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electric bicycle in  Rental

Welcome to MoreraBike, the electric bike rental service center in Barcelona for all ages and the No. 1 in Catalonia.

Here you will find high-end ebikes in a rental fleet to make routes and rides at a very affordable price, includes:

  • Delivery anywhere in Catalonia

  • Helmet different sizes

  • Quick repair kit

  • Comprehensive insurance

Rent these E-Bikes and you will get an unforgettable experience full of adventures in a rented MTB for hours, days or weeks. We have electric bike rental centers in  Costa Brava , Barcelona,  age ...

Come and rent electrified bikes for MTB routes in the best areas of Catalonia with MoreraBike with the best bike rental service... ☺


Types of ebike in  Rental

Service  electric bike rental  for groups of people it is our specialty because we have a large stock of electric bikes so you can enjoy an excellent day with a group of friends and all with their rental electric bikes.

You can do the best electric bike routes with the help of MoreraBike service rental bike ...

The cost of renting an electric bicycle  It is approximately €60 to be able to use it for several hours and includes a fully charged battery with a range of approximately 70 km.

A rental electric bicycle can circulate for approximately 70 km depending on the mode in which it is being used since you are rented and it has several driving modes with greater or lesser pedal assistance in all the stores rented in MoreraBike

You can rent electric touring bikes or e-MTB double suspension and front suspension mountain bikes at MoreraBike.

At Morerabike we can take you the bike when you have rented it to the routes you are going to do. The transport of the rented bike has a cost that varies depending on the kilometers.

Come to MoreraBike and rent your electric bike  and ride cycling routes adapted to your own level with the company of the best machines at the best rental price per day or per week with the maximum guarantees.

Our fleet of bicycles for rent have passed a rigorous maintenance test that positions them as the best bicycles for rent in Catalonia for all ages and all sporting needs.

Most of our bikes for rent have Bosch Shamaha, Batang and Shimano motors with high-end lithium batteries so that you only have to worry about enjoying the experience of riding an electric bike through mud, puddles and trails with maximum fun.

Come to MoreraBike bike rental service and we will give you a quote for electric bike rental  from one person to maximum groups of 10 people for routes and bike rides.

alquiler bicicleta con gps

Gps  included in bikes with  preloaded routes

We equip the electric rental bikes with a GPS per group so that the adventure does not end in fright.

If you wish, we can preload the route you want or we will install an appropriate route, whatever you choose.

Your bike at the foot of the route!

We have fixed collection points and mobile service.

You just have to tell us which route you want to take and we will find the closest delivery point .

If you prefer, you can stop by our rental center  to collect and deliver more e-bikes.

Mobile collection service in Barcelona and Lleida

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Characteristics of an Electric Bicycle (e-bike)

An electric bicycle commonly called an ebike is a bike with pedal assistance, visit our post where we talk about the best bicycle of 2022 or the top 6 of the best ebikes of the year 2022 .


The pedaling assistance of the ebike works just like that good friend who pushes us from the back on our worst days to be able to reach the end of that impossible slope. If at any time during our mountain route we stop pedaling, the bike will stop assisting us.


Remind you that an electric bike legally called a Pedelec cannot have either a fist or a trigger like a motorcycle or an electric scooter that have their own legislation .


Is an ebike for me? An ebike electric bike is for everyone, those who ride a lot on a bike will be able to do more kilometers in the same training time and those who ride a little on a bike will be able to do more kilometers than before or the same kilometers in less time, they will even be able to know a city like Barcelona in record time, but first remember to see our post about the typical mistakes that a tourist can make in Barcelona.


The person who has not ridden a bike for years due to lack of physical shape will be able to resume this progressive sport, professionals, for example, take advantage of electric bicycles to do more kilometers in the same training time and thus do more technique, something very useful for example in winter with fewer daylight hours. Cycling professionals never forget to properly maintain their ebike after training.


The idea that electric bikes are for lazy people is an unreal myth, lazy people would rather buy a cheap electric folding bike ... just kidding! With an electric MTB you suffer whatever you want to suffer, you can get an average of 100 beats per minute or of 170, everything depends on the desire you have to demand yourself that day.


The e-btt or e-mtb have between 3 and 5 pedaling assistance modes, the assistance has an eco mode that when you pedal, in the case of the Yamaha motor, the electrified bike pedals another for you, they also have an intermediate mode called tocks or track that multiplies your pedal stroke by 2 and a turbo or Power mode that can multiply your effort by up to 6, imagine taking a pedal stroke and the bike going practically alone.


The autonomy of an ebike depends on many factors such as the weight of the cyclist, the unevenness of the route, etc … the more unevenness we have, the more assistance we will need and the more battery we will use, things such as the pressure of the wheels or even the tapping of the tires are things that influence and of course the desire to demand that you have that day with your electric bicycle. The normal thing is that you do between 40 and 120 km of autonomy depending on the mode you wear.


The battery of an ebike bike has various dimensions depending on the manufacturer, there are different capacities, the most popular are those of 400w and 500 watts, the average charging time being totally discharged is approximately four hours, we can charge them being semi downloaded or completely downloaded because they do not save memory. We should never ever leave the battery of the electric bicycle totally discharged for more than a day since the battery could invert 1 of its poles of a cell and stop working, so if you are going to spend some time without using the bike, make sure to leave the fully charged battery.


The approximate duration of a battery is between 800 and 1,000 charge cycles, so with a range of at least 40 km and 1,000 charge cycles, do the math… 40,000 km on a bike, I don't know about you, but I think I'll change first. of bike that of battery the batteries 😉


The e-bikes incorporate a walking mode, it is sectioned from the handlebar control and it helps us to move the bike at that moment that we stay on an uphill due to loss of attraction. In our ebikes and mobility blog you will find very interesting information that you will need before buying or renting an ebike.


Gear changes on an e-bike work the same as on an electric bike, but cadence is essential. If, for example, we try to climb a hill with a small sprocket, the bike will not move forward and we will have a meaningless waste of energy, it is like trying to climb a mountain pass. with our car in fifth gear.

es una bicicleta electrica o ebike
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