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Alquiler Bicicleta Electrica Doble Suspension

E-Bike - BTT - MTB

Double Suspension Electric Bicycle Rental

A few years ago it would have been unthinkable that a full suspension bicycle had a motor, in fact many cyclists or MTB bikers would have sworn that they would never rent a bicycle to go downhill, luckily everything changes and in this case the revolution arrived.  

The advancement of technology has given us magnificent motorized machines to climb the steepest slopes and enjoy trails, trialeras and the best descents on rented full-suspension bikes .

At MoreraBike we have full suspension bikes for rent of the highest ranges on the market with availability in Barcelona .

Full-suspension mountain bikes with great autonomy to travel around 100 km and enjoy the most rugged slopes.

If you are looking to rent a double electric bike for enduro here we have the best prices so that you can enjoy for a whole day or a week with a rented electric bike with a central shock absorber.

E-bikes for downhill or enduro are made of complex components which make their price very high but at MoreraBike we offer you E-bikes for rent and enjoy the adventure.

Full suspension electric MTBs require extensive maintenance which in turn is very expensive financially but if you rent the MTB at MoreraBike you will only have to worry about having fun.

Also at MoreraBike we rent you an electric mountain bike with double suspension with built-in GPS so you don't have to think about anything else other than just enjoying a wonderful day.

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